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rain (its sound, its smell on ground/grass, how it can turn into snow)

Image by A M I T rainbow, rain, and city image

snow (the sound it makes when you walk on it, how every little snowflake is different from an another, cold)

Image by ~rose~ winter, snow, and christmas image

books (their smell, their stories, how every book is different from an other)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

yellow (happy color)

flowers, tumblr, and nature image Temporarily removed

cats (too cute and precious, soft, how they purr)

cats, fluffy, and inspiration image cat, light, and animal image

music (the one we listen too loud, the one which just holds memories, the songs you know by heart)

Image by Africa Quetzalit we heart it, photography inspiration, and love relationship image

beauty (sweet, soft, admiring, loving, hating beauty)

fashion, shoes, and style image Image by Vio

sky (pure, full of colors, different every time, with or without clouds, with stars)

Image by Eri️ Temporarily removed

ocean (fascinating, scary, unknown, pretty, salty, hot and cold ocean)

Image by Maii sea, ocean, and blue image

flowers (sweet, that smell nice or not, sunny ones, shy or romantic ones)

beautiful, positivity, and good vibes image flowers, tulips, and rose image

space (big, powerful, solitary, cold, lonely, full of light yet so dark and unknown)

stars, galaxy, and wallpaper image pink, stars, and wallpaper image

fall/autumn (color of the leaves, the sound they make when you walk on them, how a whole landscape changes during that season)

leaves, autumn, and fall image Temporarily removed

boys (loving, fighting, reading, strong, sweet, vulnerable, true, artistic, beautiful boys, their hands)

boy, starbucks, and grunge image Temporarily removed

women (strong, powerful, supportive, beautiful, true, shy or not, free girls)

love, female, and tolerance image Image removed

art (the one that transports you, that make you feel so much at one time, the creative, lonely, full of meaning and feelings art)

art, girl, and aesthetic image dance, dress, and fashion image

trips (travelling ones, the ones that make you discover things, people, that make you grow, evolve, appreciate the adventure and the danger too)

blue, note, and retro image travel, car, and sky image

skin (soft, colored, hurt, stamped, tender, freckled, cold or not)

boy, froy gutierrez, and froy image Image removed

youth (the burning, consuming one, the one that make us powerful, fearless, in love, shy, brave)

youth, ❤, and troye sivan image Temporarily removed

hugs (big, tender, true, close hugs)

teen wolf, stiles, and tyler posey image Temporarily removed

tolerance (its importance in our society, the acceptance of others)

quotes, feminism, and woman image Temporarily removed

green (color of nature, wild and calm)

forest, green, and nature image green, clover, and nature image

words (their beauty, their meaning, their strength, the impact they can have)

Image by B_Pirencess quotes, pink, and you can image

pink (the color for girls AND boys, the color of the beautiful cloudy sky at sunrise or sunset, the color of love and tenderness)

outdoors, love, and goals image beautiful, blue, and bright image

gray (simple yet beautiful color)

fashion, style, and sweater image autumn, cold, and grey image

veins (hold blood and air = life, look so good sticking out on a boy's arm)

Image by janellyorozco9 Temporarily removed

hair (curly or straight, soft, long or short, blond or brown or black or pink)

alone, blackandwhite, and brunette image Temporarily removed

eyes (blue, green, brown eyes, captivating, beautiful, full of light)

rainbow, eyes, and eye image Temporarily removed

family (supportive, loving, accepting, funny, open-minded family)

paul walker, meadow walker, and fast and furious image Image removed

friends (loving, supportive, adorable, understanding, comforting friends, the ones that know when to give me space, the ones that were there through thick and thin)

Image by 𝐴𝑁𝑇𝐻𝐸𝐴 安蒂亞 Image removed

candles (so many senses, the smell when they go out)

leaves, autumn, and fall image light, night, and indie image

christmas (its smell, the baking, the lights, the weather, the jumpers, family time)

Image removed Image removed

curiosity (learning new things, opening of the mind)

quotes, curious, and stay image Temporarily removed


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I was inspired by @yuguware on twitter ((https://twitter.com/yuguware/status/902278561779863552 (it's in French))