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I am seriously in love with everything self care. Everything to lotions, face masks, hot baths, skin care, and loving yourself!! Here's some self care tips to do this fall or winter for any skin type, body type, and personality!

1. Lotions, perfumes, shower gels oh my!

Every girl deserves to have one of these things:
Something to moisturize those legs and something to keep you smelling amazing! Find something that suits your skin! Hit up your local Bath and Body Works store to keep up with the fall scents.

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2. Baths 🛀

A hot bath can feel good on any day of the week. Get out your favorite bath bomb, bath beads or soap. Relax and soak it all in😌

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3. Smell it up💨
Now since you smell good, make your whole environment smell amazing as well. I have ordered the Scentsy smell packs for my backpack and sports bag. Or also melt some wax cubes or candles. An easy DIY without spending too much money is adding a dryer sheet in your bag instead.

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4. Masks
These are also one of the most relaxing things in the world. I have used a lot of face masks over the summer but you can also include into the fall and winter times too. They are super amazing for you skin and definitely would recommend you use them in your weekly skin routine.

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5. Fall cleaning🌼
Since it is also the beginning of fall, it is really fun to spice up your room or house for the season. Add some cute fake leaves on your selves or fill up a mason jar with cute fairy lights. Work with the main fall colors such as yellows, oranges, browns and golds.

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6. Self Love 💁
Number 1 tip of all... always love yourself!! Don't let something bring you down, instead find something that brings you up. Do your favorite sport, hobby, or watch your favorite Netflix show :) Always think of the best qualities that you love about yourself that no one else has ❤️

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