As I’ve seen lots of “top favorite songs” articles recently, today I decided to write one to show you my favorite twenty one pilots songs.

I think their music is so exceptional that you can't pick any song out as bad. Actually, almost all of their songs are absolutely fascinating.

So, I hope you enjoy this post!

1. Friend, Please

twenty one pilots and friend please image

2. Stressed Out

gif, Lyrics, and song image

3. The Run and Go

blue sea, lyrics music, and autumn fall image

4. The Judge

black white, lyrics music, and best friends love image

5. Ode to Sleep

autumn fall, photography black, and top quotes image

6. Polarize

music lyrics, girls boys, and smoke black image

7. Trapdoor

lyrics music, dark white, and quotes words image

8. Fairly Local

twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and fairly local image

9. Taxi Cab

black white, sea beach, and quotes lyrics image

10. Doubt

doubt, Lyrics, and twenty one pilots image

11. Message Man

Image by Kiana Grandjean

12. Not Today

grunge, blue, and quotes image

13. Trees

death, grunge, and quotes image

14. Lane Boy

twenty one pilots, Lyrics, and grunge image

15. Air Catcher

black white, autumn fall, and fire flowers image

16. Goner

Image removed

17. Migraine

Mature image

18. Screen

black white, girls boys, and autumn fall image

19. Truce

beach, cover, and Lyrics image

20. Before You Start Your Day

black white, boys girls, and autumn fall image

MASHUP - (The Ultimate Twenty One Pilots Mashup)

This is a 27min 04sec mashup and I can tell you, this is what heaven sounds like. I think every living person on earth should listen to this mashup. My life is complete, I mean it.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and soon I’ll be posting more articles! 😘