Everyone wants perfect, flawless skin without having to beat their face with foundation foundation. However that can be challenging for those who have acne as well as acne scars, like myself. My skin type is oily and I have been struggling with acne on my chin and nose. The worst part of my acne is the scars that are left behind because they are dark circles with high pigmentation. I made sure I covered them up by color correcting and applying layers of foundation, but even after all that the scars still peeked through. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I went for my first facial, that I had to face the ultimatum. I either stop wearing makeup and let my skin breathe or I keep applying makeup and continue to suffer with my acne. I already knew that letting my pores breathe would help with my problem spots, but I had not let anyone see my face without makeup. My forehead was problematic and I did not apply makeup on my scars and within short weeks my forehead was clear! I knew that time would heal my problematic areas, yet I was still scared to be seen without any foundation.

By makeup-free, I really meant letting my chin, nose, and forehead breathe, while still continuing to do my eye makeup. Surprisingly I was not self-conscious with letting my acne scars be shown to the entire world. In fact, I embraced my imperfections and I am learning to love my acne scars. Does loving my imperfections mean I want them to stay on my face? NO! However, loving my scars allows me to not be paranoid when someone looks at my face or being able to wander the city with my dark acne spots showing. It has been two weeks, and at first, my skin was clearing up and my scars were going away. Being makeup free really is liberating.

Thank you so much for reading!