If you don't know what to watch on Netflix, here is my suggestions to help you out!

📽Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - A 1 Series korean show with 16 episodes, hilarious and cute but still mad because my baby Jisoo played second lead like KOREA GIVE HIM A LEAD ROLE ALREADY!
📽Age of Adeline - this film is beautiful and Blake Lively is even more stunning in it
📽Paper Towns - the book was better but it was a quick fun film. I do feel like when Quentin and Margo meet again it's so casual and lacked the 'OH SHIT I FOUND YOU' factor
📽Me Before You - No i dont watch Game of Thrones but those who do watch it will find the character that Emilia Clarke plays is sooo different and refreshing compared to how she is in GOT. Another beautiful film but I didnt expect Will to make that choice.
📽You Get Me - Y'all I think im scared of Bella Thorne more now but LOL she played her character perfectly the CRAZY BITCH. Tense film but remember this - don't cheat on your gf/bf if there is a chance of y'all getting back together
📽The Originals - I LOVE KLAUS SO MUCH OMG but S4 WAS SOMETHING ELSE and yet it's another departure for the Michealsons :(
📽 QUEEN - I haven't watched a good Indian film in awhile but this one was hilarious I loved it! Kangana Ranaut is so good at playing at Rani! This is a lighthearted funny film and is a perfect film to watch if you wanna watch your first bollywood film but not dive into it properly :)
📽The Longest Ride - super cute romance film and I really enjoyed the scenes about Ruth and Ira, it did make me teary.
📽Before I Fall - I LOVE this film. It was beautifully interesting?? Idk but I loved the plot and how climax of the story and the message of the film is something to think about - especially us teenagers and young adults.