I used to love fresh air in the morning, now it freaks me out.

I loved to go outside and explore my city, now I don´t want to go out at all.

I don´t like being at home without doing anything, but I don´t want to get away from it too much.

I feel alone in the world. Social media doesn´t help me.

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When I was in a room full of strangers, I didn´t care at all. Now it makes me insecure.

I like to watch the news because I like knowing what´s happening in the world, but now the TV scares me.

Every noise freaks me out.

I used to love silence, but now I think it´s a dead symbol.

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If someone drops something by accident, I freak out thinking we are on an earthquake.

When I´m sleeping, I suddenly wake up shaking, as if something was happening.

I feel like my life was taken away from me, and I won´t get it back.

I feel like I won´t see again the people that I love.

I believe I have no future.

I think there´s no tommorow for me.

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I sometimes can´t breathe, I feel a rock on my chest. It hurts, and I start shaking.

I want my life back, I want to have confidence on the world again. I want to wake up from this nightmare.

Psychologists say that I have posttraumatic stress and anxiety after the earthquake in my country (Mexico) and it can last from one to three weeks. 90% of the people have it.

It´s so fucked up. (Sorry for the bad word).