You think that if you have a smart mouth, everything that you will say make sense? You said that you have been through a lot of shits and nobody could ever understand what you are going through. How funny that whatever that you are saying, they are all unreasonable. Did you realised that you make yourself look like a fool?

You mentioned that people never understand you nor your "good intentions." You constantly seek attention for people to understand you but how is this even? How long do you want to be understood, how long do you want us to accommodate to your needs, how long must we be silent, how long are we going to rub this pain that is eating us up from inside when we never get anything in return?

We have been giving our heart, our love and patience but what did we received in return? Sarcasm, hurtful words, disgust? Those are all that we have ever received from your "beautiful mouth."

Does it make you look weak if you have lost a verbal battle? Does it make you feel so satisfied if you've won the verbal battle? How long will the satisfaction last? Will it keep you full from hunger for the next 10 years? Is it so hard to admit your mistakes? Is it hard to kneel down and admit defeat? Does losing makes you look like a fool?

You have once said that you're a wise person now but why did we notice rubbish spatting out from your lips? It is funny that you mentioned that people love you but we are hearing the opposite. Why do you enjoy talking so highly of yourself?

Pardon me, but if you are a human with a perfectly unscarred features, undamaged brain and a self-proclaim humble heart, you do not compare your problems to the world. Because you have only been through little stones and not a tragedy where other countries are facing right now. Therefore, please think before you speak. How selfish of you.