June flowed in those old city streets,
like a river bathed in golden sunbeams,
but I was so blind I couldn't recognize
the gorgeous arrival of Summer.
You were a shattered mirror,
that reflected the suggestive reverberation
of the sunset,
on the silver side of that month.
Everything about you
was light,
and the light carried on in the empty rooms,
even after you had left.
June was made for the two of us,
to fall in love,
to intertwine our minds,
to paint new shades of happiness on our old scars,
to kiss our weaknesses goodbye.
But, like I said, I was so blind.
Oh, so blind that in my mind
your pure light had been turned into a gloomy sparkle.
I am sorry,
I ruined your innocence.
Lately my blindness has turned
into guilt,
and my guilt has turned into
Although, it has taken me the entire summer,
I've slowly fallen in love with you.
But now is September,
and it was made for the two of us to be apart.
Maybe you'll be happier this time