*Disclaimer I am not a professional and if you are concerned about your skin please see a specialist. *
I’ve been trying to put together a great facial regime for my skin.
I suffer from acne and it has improved in recent years. Due to antibiotics and cream recommend by a dermatologist. My acne appeared very suddenly, which surprised me and made me feel down ,this was because I had past my young teenage years without any spots, zits, or skin related problems or dilemmas.

However when I was 18 I suddenly developed acne on my cheeks and a little on my chin. I thought this was because of the hair products I was using. I have long curly hair, I am of a mixed Jamaican and Irish background so I was trying to help my hair look the best it could however it was affecting my skin. At the time I was using Argan oil hair products; they worked great on my hair but made me break out. It took me a while to realise this was a problem. I went whole year without seeing a doctor and it was just getting worse. I eventually was sent to a dermatologist where I was prescribed antibiotics and duac cream. I know this may not be an option a lot of people want to take I initially was inhibited to. Eventually I decided to do what my dermatologist said and it has been working.

Furthermore I wanted to improve my skin care regime. I was using products that were good for my skin, but I could not see any visible improvements. I read around and discovered what was good and bad to use for my skin and what a good regime would be.
I decided to incorporate the basic steps that western beauty states swell as some tips from a Japanese beauty regime.

Western beauty focuses on an average of 3 to 5 steps. Predominately on cleansing face, exfoliating, and using serum or moisturiser.
Whereas Asian countries, have around 11 steps to facial skin care. A lot of the focus is on cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, and SPF protection. (There is a lot more to this and there are detailed explanations online on each step but these are the main points of focus that i could see)
So for myself I have created my own regime combining western and Asian tips to improve my skin and it has been working wonderfully.

A lot of the products I use are good for sensitive skin. The products contain plant based elements. Of course if you are able to use the natural plant, then that would be even better.

Here is what I have been doing

•Cleanse Face - seaweed based cleanser are great. Twice daily morning and night Toner- I use toners that don’t contain alcohol. The best ones contain witch hazel or tea tree oil twice daily morning and night
•Use duac cream from dermatologist every night
•Use tea tree oil or witch hazel spot stick daily night
•Moisturise - use cetaphill moisturiser morning and night
•Once a week use a clay mask - seaweed again or green tea mask
•Exfoliate face with sea salt once a week

•Soap-Sensitive skin soap from simple daily
•Shower gel- any daily
•Exfoliate- with sea salt or sugar based products once a week
•Massage oil- lavender essence once a week.
•Body butter- coconut oil daily

•Deep condition - once or twice a month using coconut oil. Leave on hair for an hour at the least or sleep with conditioner in for a night.
•Wash weekly with coconut oil shampoo and condition. Comb hair when it is wet. Comb in shower using afro comb to get all knots out and then put products in.
•After washed let air dry a little and use hair products. I use Dax, it helps keep my curls looking good and shinny