1. i'm brazilian

2. i can speak 4 languages, two fluent and two I'm still learning (english, portuguese, spanish and korean)

3. my real name is Lorrayne

4. i'm not a person very social but i'm learning to be

5. my dream is be rich and recognized anyway

6. my favorite gender music is indie and rock alternative

7. my favourites artists are Ed Sheeran, blackbear, Lana Del Rey, Marina And The Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, Gnash, etc

8. my favourite bands are The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 and One Direction

9. i can easily remember a song lyrics and beats

10. I did not do any course for learning english, I studied at home alone

11. my i had my first kiss with 6 years old

12. even not being very social i'm the most funny and cool of my group friends

13. i use glasses because of myopia

14. i have a little bit of TOC, anxiety and social anxiety

15. my mom already wanted to take me to psychiatrist because she thought that i was psychopath

16. my favourite series are Orange Is The New Black, American Horror Story and The Vmapire Diares

17. my favourite movies ate The Purge and Nerve

18. i almost burned my house

19. i'm very manipulative and vingarist...and i don't regret

20. i already become friend of a girl just to stay more closer to the boy who i liked (i did this twice)

21. i already cut the arm of my friend with my nails because he was got me nervous

22. i'm a person cute and easy to live with, but i'm not when i get nervous, man when i get nervous i become in a demon

23. i have a insomnia level very high

24.i spend the most of my time thinking about music, my cell phone and the boy i like

25. i like the same boy at 2 years ago (and probably i'll like him in the next year too)

26. i'm the type "nerd" of the class, but my grades are falling like shit

27. my friends say that i'm a "piece of bad path"

28. i have one older sister and one older brother, and yes i'm the youngest

29. i like Kpop very VERY fucking much

30. my favourites groups in kpop are BTS, GOT7, EXO, BigBang, Day6, Red Velvet, etc, etc, etc

31. i'm 5'1 (yes i'm pretty short)

32. my favourite music is Falling For You by The 1975

33. i little that "use" the people to get what i want

34. i live in Brazil, specifically in São Paulo (no i don't live in Amazônia)

35. i wanted to be a alpaca just to spit on people's face

36. the place i most want to know is LA

37. i'm wake up from the 8AM from yesterday (i fucking hate insomnia)

38. i study on a public school; no, there is not made of wood, there is not falling apart, there is good school with good teachers (do not have cabinets like the american schools but worth it)

39. i ship Larry Stylinson (Larry is real bitches), Jikook, Yoonseok, Taeyoonseok, Namjin, Ziam, and more, very moree

40. the worst thing i did in school was scream a bad word when the class was on silent (it happens twice)

41. i like streetwear style but i prefer the style more alternative and lazy

42. i'm hella OBSESSED with shoes; don't matter what, don't matter the logo, don't matter the syle,, i'm obsessed with every type of shoe

43. it was for me to be sleeping right now...

44. my english teacher don't like me

45. i have a teddy bear of spongebob and i sleep with it

46. my favourite anime is Naruto and Death Note

47. i blocked some of my friends on my whatsapp because i don't want to talk to them

48. i'm obsessed in doing articles

49. i'm obsessed in answer questions about me

50. i'm not an interesting person.