And I keep seeing flashes of us.
Like we’re standing in an endless field
With deafening noises splitting our ears.
The trees are on fire
And tornados are filling our hearts with worries.

But I’m blind for my surroundings
I could just stand there for days
One hand wrapped around the collar of my jacket
And the other pressing on my waist, pulling me closer.

And the world is now only made of you
Your eyes, your skin, your love
That’s all I live in.

But every time I blink,
Something pulls me away from you
And little by little the chaos swallows me
Panic in my eyes and silence in my screaming.
While you stand there indifferent and unresponsive

A second ago you said that you loved me
And that you’d never leave me
But as distance separates us,
Your hands let go
And your heart closes.

As tears fill my eyes
You turn into dust
And the wind you first saved me from
Now takes you away

Ashes scour my eyes
As I try to run towards your absence
But I’m too late
You’ve drifted off
To cities I’ll never visit

I’ve been to so many places
All in hopes of finding you whole
So you could wrap your arm around my waist for good
And so you could be the world I live in until I die

But it’s all a lie
The flashes and your arms and your love
It’s all a lie

Written by Astrid Van wal
WHI Recognized Writer
© @writingaboutyou
original content copyright, all rights reserved.

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