They made her cross the lines between sanity and madness,
They plagued her heart
The memories forever hunt her a night
She closes her eyes and all she sees are there sadistic smiles
Her mind forever replaying the terrors of that one heart wrenching night.
She once had a twinkle in her eyes
She once had the brightest smile
She once had the biggest dreams
But the twinkle vanished
The smile taken away
And the dreams broken
All by thee man that took her innocence away
Shes the angel with broken wings
All she truly wants to do is fly away
But shes trapped, trapped deep within her mind
Afraid to let the world that she is just a girl with broken wings
But one day she looked up at the sky and saw GODS divine creation
Then she heard a voice in her head saying take these broken wings and learn to fly
And that was how the angel with Broken Wings learn how to fly

This is a original poem that i wrote for school