A few months before the trip, start planning and researching a destination. Depending on the place, accommodation can go fast. Consider whether you are taking kids or pets, how far you want to drive, whether you want to camp or stay in a hotel, and whether you want to go somewhere popular or more secluded. Check if there's any upcoming concerts or shows in the area that you'd like to see.

You might want to start an exercise program to get in great shape for a swimsuit. Focus on toning your stomach and legs.

About a week before you leave, make a list of and gather items you'll need. Take children's, hygiene, pet's and bedding requirements into consideration. Some beach houses have pillows etc. others don't. Check with the manager if you're unsure. A small first aid kit is handy, just in case.

Pack plenty of cool, summery clothes, but a few jackets in case the weather turns. Take a beach ball, soccer ball, volleyball or beach cricket set if you want.

For the car trip, make sure you have enough petrol, and bring plenty of music and activities for kids. Some water and snacks in a cooler bag are great if you stop for a picnic on the way.

Once you get there, settle in, unpack and have a rest or walk around. Familiarize yourself with shops, the way to the beach etc.

Get a nice early night! It's best to sleep in light cotton clothing in the heat, and make sure there is protection from mosquitoes and/or flies when you're sleeping. They get really annoying and may carry disease in some places.

Hop up early and have breakfast. Fresh orange juice can be wonderful on hot mornings. Perhaps you could go for a walk or run on the beach, go buy the paper, sunbathe, or catch some early morning breakers.

As it gets later, go to the beach. Sunbathe, surf, boogie board, whale watch, whatever.

are you ready now ?! kisses xoxo