This month is going to an end so I decided to share my most listened songs. Be aware my taste of music is odd ◉◡◉

1. Kings of Leon - Over

kings of leon and walls image Image by Evelina
This one is depressing but utterly amazing

2. Foo Figters - Outside

ff and foo fighters image Image by Evelina
And this beauty reminds me of the long train trip home, and exploring new city

3. Elderbrook - Closer

art, artist, and drawing image Image by Evelina
An ultimate autumn song

4. Lost Frequencies - St. Peter (Deluxe Mix)

Temporarily removed Image by Evelina
I'm just not able not to dance to this song

5. FOALS - What Went Down

Image removed Image by Evelina
My neck hurts after listening to this masterpiece

Do you like any of these songs too? ♪

By the way I made all those lyrics pictures myself :)