fall is the season of endings that lead to beginnings

i always loved fall merely because of the red and golden colors in which the city drowns. wherever you look, you'll see beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red and brown filling in the picture.

the weather is cold, i love cold weather. i always believed that cold is better than hot because its easy to get warm but almost impossible to cool. sweaters and scarfs are comfy.

coffee is the worldwide symbol of fall. i shall admit i enjoy the idea of coffee more than the taste of coffee, but i still drink it on a daily basis.

fall has this atmosphere that gives birth to thoughts i would never enounter in summer or winter. i think of life as it is, of things that matter and things that don't, of love and priorities. and i write all that down. i will always be thankful to fall for all the beautiful ideas i've come up with.

fall is the season of my soul. i will marry in fall, give birth to my children in fall and publish my art in fall. it shall be the birth month for everything i ever create, it shall be my muse till the day i love, with its red and golden colors symbolizing the state of my heart.