Below you'll find places I'd love to visit.. I really hope someday I will.
Travelling and visiting different places, cities, culture is something that I personally think help us grow.
As for Hawaii, first on my list.. if I go ther I'll stay there forever. It's paradise. :)

1. Hawaii

tours, attraction, and budget image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

2. Maldives

beach, holidays, and Maldives image Maldives, holidays, and travel image

3. San Francisco

house, city, and san francisco image california, san francisco, and golden gate image

4. Rome

travel, beautiful, and Dream image colloseum, grain, and italia image

5. New York

life, photography, and buildings image Image by Marina Rodriguez

6. Paris

museum, paris, and france image beautiful, france, and paris image

7. Los Angeles

hollywood, photography, and california image beach, palm trees, and photography image

8. Barcelona

Barcelona, city, and spain image Image by nomin_injla

9. Tokyo

city, downtown, and japan image city, japan, and night image

10. London

flowers image london, Londres, and angleterre image

11. Sydney

Sydney, opera house, and australia image Image by Kseniya