The world will end, and the humans will disappear. If the extinction of species is so common in the history of our planet, with us it will be no different. We think we can control the world, we are so powerful and nothing will happen, but we are wrong.

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We can not control nature. Or is it that, with everything we do and know, we could survive a nuclear winter again? Would we have that ability? Nature exists and the world will change! Who knows the shape of our continents changes again, how would we stand in the middle of it? The human being can no longer survive outside their houses and buildings, with beds and mattresses, a stove and a refrigerator. He doesn't know the world outside this reality.

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And then? Would we survive? We continue to think we have a purpose, we need to think like this to keep living, but a simple cosmic accident (like an asteroid) could end easily with us, we are fragile beings, and we continue to believe that we are better than others beings, by how we think and what we do ... But we are so far from it.

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By: M. Kruschewsky