knowledge is power

it has always been a quite surprising statement. people would rarely understand why i enjoy studying. but i believe that maybe if i explain myself, i can show others a different perspective of studying that would motivate you all!

from early age i was taught that knowledge is power. the better i do at school, the better my whole life would be. that was my first motivation. as i grew older i realized what kind of power knowledge holds. being able to contribute to important conversations and impress with certain information comes in handy and is a great way to get some amazing opportunities.

every time im in class learning something new, i feel like i automatically become an even better person, by holding more knowledge. i do agree that there are subjects that some of us won't need, but i dont mind those because they are temporarily and being good at them simply makes me feel good.

so in conclusion, if its a subject that helps form an opinion like history, literature or politics - learn and pay attention. trust me these are essencial and you yourself will realize how in handy they come in life. if the subjects are science - learn them because right now you have to, and its not forever. it always feels better being good at something, than being bad at it. if you love science this shouldn't be a problem at all!

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to be more motivated and determined to study organize your notes neatly and decorate them so its more pleasant to use them!

if you have any further questions, always feel free to message me. i couldnt be happier helping you guys or just simply talking to you <3

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