🎃 October is nearly here so i wanted to show you some of my favourite movies that put me in a halloween mood 🎃

👻 Hocus Pocus

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If you haven't watched it i truly recommend you to sit on your bed with a blanket on, some tea and to watch it NOW, you won't regret it

👻 The Nightmare Before Christmas

theme Halloween
Tim Burton is totally a must when it comes october

👻 Harry Potter

book harry potter
They are movies that never die, you can see them a million times and never get tired of it

👻 Alice In Wonderland

alice alice
Another Tim Burton movie, i love everything that has to do with him and if you haven't watched it yet go run with your cup of tea and press play

👻 Halloweentown

autumn Superthumb
Its a disney movie that everyone (must have) has seen once in their life

👻 Corpse bride

black and white corpse bride
Ops Tim Burton again, i can't do nothing but my love for him is too high. This movie doesn't even need a caption, just watch it.

If you like this list give it a heart and then send me a message with the movie you most liked :)