So, the long-awaited season is here, Many would say I'm basic if I enjoy it, but regardless of what they think, I will not disclaim, it is my favourite season after all. Just the thought of fall, the leaves falling, crisp air and colder weather makes me squish. Eventhough I will not have that much time to fully enjoy it, I will at least try to. Now, I have a few suggestions on how to make your fall better.

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1) Stop for a moment and enjoy.
I want to tell you, that don't rush everything. Take your time, go for a walk and listen to your thoughts. Be alone and enjoy it. Make yourself some coffe and read a good book and actually feel everything. Look around you and don't just look at the leaves, don't look only into small bits, look at everything fully, with open heart and mind. Look at how people react to fall, look at their faces, go into park and watch dogs being so happy, because they can run and jump in leaves. Listen to beautiful sound that the wind is making, watch the birds taking slow goodbye.

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2) Take pictures.
What is a better way to create memories, than creating pictures. If you enjoy taking them, challange yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. For me, I'm challenging myself by taking pictures of people. I have always photographed nature and animals, but by taking pictures of people, strangers I get to know new ways of expressing myself.

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3) Don't forget about friends and family.
I know, we all need our alone time, I agree that it is important - that is how we get to know eachother, but hey, sometimes it is way better to hang out with someone, if no one invites you too hang out, you invite them, ask them if they wanna grab a cup of coffee or maybe go to the cinema or something. Don't alway wait for someone to reach you, reach to them first.

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4) Do something that puts you in fall spirit.
Decorate your room, make your home smell good with candles, make up new recepies, go in the nature, watch some fall themed movies (Harry Potter, duh), or halloween movies, make fall playlist that really reminds you of fall, Get all excited about sweathers, make up stories about them, draw them, write about them, take pictures of them, be creative. Put on warm clothes and go to a local park. Either by yourself or with a friend. Watch what is happening around you and in you. Feel everything, smell it, touch it, breath in new expiriences and positive thoughts. In the evening make yourself some hot tea or cocoa, put on warm fuzzy socks, and cudlle yourself in some blankets. Fall in fall spirit, like you would fall in love. Maybe don't rush in, as Elvis Presley, but go slowly, feel everything, once again.

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Elvis Presley - Can't help falling in love (I couldn't help myself, also it is mentioned in article)

Sam Smith - Too good at goodbyes

Ed Sheeran - Autumn leaves

Amber Run - Alaska

Labirinth - Jealous

Lorde - Liabillity

Lord Huron - The night we met (if you are 13 reasons why fan, you're welcome)

Guns'N'Roses - November rain