Hey dear,
this letter is for you, my future lover
You're probably somewhere in the world right now, but i'm pretty sure we'll meet one day. Maybe I already know you, maybe you're with another girl but take your time because I'll be waiting for you. Time means nothing when it's for finding your soulmate.
I know from the bottom of my heart that our love will be unconditional.We will go through a lot before finding ourselves in each others arms. We'll suffer, live beautiful things, travel some places. I know that at the end, all the pain i lived from my heart being broken is worth every second passed with your beautiful soul.We will have a special connection that will be different from our previous relationships.You'll make me a better human and we'll feel something we've never felt before: love. We will share a simple and pure love. I am dying to finally meet you my love.

So I'll be waiting here for you