This is some of my absolute favourite movies of all time.
Ps, they are not in chronological order.

  • 1 Harry Potter.
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My absolute favourite movies ever is the Harry Potter movies, they are magical, cozy and perfekt for rainy fall days. I also strongly recommend you to read the books if you haven´t yet.

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  • 2 Jurassic park.
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There is something about all the films in the Jurassic park series (Jurassic world too) that just gets me so hard. They are such classic and cool movies that I just love.

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  • 3 Jaws
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Even though Jaws may not be near as good quality as todays movies it is still a classic and really good film. It´s a movie worth watching and perfect if you never want to dare go swim in the ocean again.

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  • 4 Titanic
titanic image

We all have to admit that Titanic is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. This is probably the movie that have made me cry the most. The events of Titanic were so tragical that I´d be hard to make a movie that didn´t make you drop at least one tear.

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  • 5 Pet sematary
pet sematary and Stephen King image

This horror movie based upon Stephen Kings novell is both terrifying and full of excitement. In my opinion it is one of Stephen Kings best stories and I really like it.

pet sematary image pet sematary image pet sematary image pet sematary image
  • 6 Dirty dancing
dirty dancing, jennifer grey, and patrick swayze image

This is really a must watch movie, and not only because Patrick Swayze was really hot in his younger days but because it´s full of joy, dance and love. If you haven´t already seen this movie, what are you waiting for? You´ve missed out on something really good.

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  • 7 The notebook
love, the notebook, and dance image

I don´t think there is anyone that hasn´t heard of The notebook. This is another love story that brings you to tears no matter what and it´s a perfect movie to watch on a rainy day.

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  • 8 Pirates of the Caribbean
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I just felt that I had to include these movies, I´ve loved them for so many years and Jack Sparrow is just wonderful. These movies has brought me laughter and tears for so many years and I love them.

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  • 9 Schindler´s list
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This movie is so sad and full of horror in so many ways that it´s almost hard to handle, but that is probably also what makes it so good. Even though the movie is long and (almost) all in black and white it really is a movie worth watching, not only because it´s a great movie but also because you will learn a lot about the second world war by it.

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