Hello! nice to meet you, i'm Sara & i have been on whi for a while but i have never introduced myself or talked to anyone on here before. So, i decided to do a little introduction!!

As you can tell from my collections, i'm really into k-music (kpop&krnb) I've been into kpop since 2015 and my obsession grew bigger with more talented groups debuting and new album releases and variety shows. I stan many groups and ill talk about my top 5 groups in another article so please tell me if you're interested!!

I'm also into japanese anime. although i haven't watched a lot i mostly watch ongoing series and read the mangas, ive been a big fan of detective conan for 9 years now. i also love tokyo ghoul & attack on titan!! if u need good anime recommendations you can always come to me ;)

I enjoy drawing a lot and its mostly what i do in my free time. i used to run an art account for digital portraits but stopped it and started focusing more on traditional art. and i'm currently trying to develop my own art style and practicing lots to improve!!

Thats it talking about myself & if u made it to the end i would like to thank you alot!! also thank you so much for 500 followers, it makes me so happy to know that people enjoy going through my collections and posts! you can message me anytime here or on my ig acc; @okyoungjae for any help or just to become friends :)