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It's me Chic and today I'm gonna be talking about the trends for Fall 2k17 so if you're interested please keep reading.I hope you will find something helpful.
Fall is just around the cornern and as the weather gets cold and the trees turn into gold and red colors we too need to make ourselves a cup of hot chocolate,get comfortable and just enjoy the cozy "smell" of fall.Here are some tips and trends on fashion for this fall that I got from different magazines and online articles.

  • everything in a larger size
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  • petty booties

This fall is about cozyness so get ready to get yourself a pair of these boots for fall.They're comfy and they look good with almost every outfit.You can wear them with your skinny jeans,skirts or even your oversized pants.A 1,5 inch offers height and at the same time makes it easy to walk in "heels".Some outift ideas with these boots include:

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  • long coats

Always a classic,long coats and trenches have stayed in trend this fall too.They give you the sturdy feel and you can either cover your whole outfit or let the coat open to not only stay warm but also show the oufit off.Usually long coats come with their belt to accentuate your waist but if you want to fully be in fall vibes you can either not wear the belt or just twist it around.Some colors that look good on trenches include beige,wine red,navy blue and the classic black.

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  • scarfs

Scarfs are included in the fall accessories and they're really important.They're perfect for wearing over your oversized sweater or jacket (coat).Scarfs always seem to complete the outfit and add your individual sense of fashion.Whether you choose a patterned scarf or just a simple one it's still gonna make you look better.Wool scarves are a classic so if you wanna look trendy you can choose them.

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