Hello lovely hearters!

It can be hard to find your personal style and to find out who you are and what your ambitions and passions are. I struggled with this a lot and I'm starting to know myself and I'm learning how I can survive tough times.

Not every teenager (between 16-22 years old) know who they are and what they love.
I -for example- learnt that being you and only you is the best thing that you can do. When you're comfortable with who you are and if you love yourself, you just don't care what others think and you will evolve your passions even more without caring what others think of that passion/job/hobby.

Image by Mariana Pinto

I really love musical and Disney and I'm not ashamed when I grab my Disney pen out or my Lucky tsum tsum... I know I'm a Dis-nerd and I don't care what others think of that.

So here are a few tips how you can find your personal style, how to find out who you are and what you love:

You can use WHI for many reasons! But what I do, is looking for inspiration. You heart what you love without judgemental girls/boys around you. It's a perfect way to start looking for your personal style!
Start a collection about 'Favorite outfits.' or something like that and when you just lost yourself because of social media or judgemental people, go back to that collection and add some more pictures to it to get that motivation back!

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Music has a big effect on people and there are a lot of different genres. Make a playlist with only YOUR favorite songs! You will find out which genre you adore and that tells a little bit more about yourself! (I can't stop listening to Disney songs or just songs with the most beautiful lyrics. I'll never be into rap or r&b).

Image by Sude Tktrk

When you shop all by yourself, there's nobody who will pick your outfit, it's all your dicision!
You will easily find you own style because you'll buy the things you love and admire without people who Judge or say you need that in the color Black and not your favorite pink color.

Image by Maii

This is the last tip or advice I can give to you and I know this is a cliché, but it's so so true!
Peope Judge... that's just how it is but they are the ones who don't know who they are and are just marionettes of social media!
Be extra! People are jalous but when you are happy with who you are, you won't care what others think.

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You're gorgeous and I know you'll find out who you are as long as you stay true to yourself!
And don't forget to slay your day!

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xx m.yrt.h.e