Colourless, pale existence
A new found hope and swollen eyes
Still pale but there is a fire ignited inside my bosom
Anger rages through my veins and I'm blowing fire
My heart is an empty room full of wishful sighs and a dull throbbing from somewhere in the corner of the circle
Throbbing borne of unacceptance of myself and a bad hair day, every day
Scraped knees and dark circles, coffee beans and butter lotions
Fat drops of salty emotions, fat drops of rain, difference unknown
Scattered mess and torn jeans, different socks with mirthful laughter
Warm fires, marshmallows and want for cuddles
Bloody tampons and painkillers, PMS and depression
Late submissions, happy drunk with pals
Lacey underwear, flat tummies and immaculate V-lines with packs,
Diaries and bottled emotions, waterproof mascara and fangirls
Obsessions and crushes, dance under the stars
Radio and beer, shrimp and pickle
Desperation and mistakes, need a bigger eraser for blunders
Leaving a piece of me in everything, everyone and every place
99% lyrics and 1% reality, I live in a world of make believe
Flowers, ribbons and folded shirt sleeves,
Fiction and first loves, bookmarks and memories
A shoulder to cry on, tissues and sniffs
Best buddies and bro code, to morse code and girls
Dirty, torn chuck taylors
A teenager