1. Music
Im not the type of person that always listens to music no matter where I go, but I still really like music, and I dont know what I would do without it. Some things and situations would be extremely boring without music.

2. My family
My family annoys me so much, but I love them so so much and I really can't live without them. We have such a nice time together, especially on vacation.

3. Friends
I really dont have a lot of friends, and I only have one really close friend, so even though I feel lonely sometimes, I still can't live without my friends.

4. Food
Im just as basic as everyone else, so I had to include food. Theres not much to say, I just really like food.

5. Dogs
I dont even have a dog because my mom is allergic, but I get so hyped everytime I see dogs. Especially golden retrievers and huskys. Dogs are just so precious.

6. Alone time
Im an introvert so its really important to me to have some time for myself. I always have to be alone and mentally prepare myself before going to an event, and I also need some alone time after. It can actually be really annoying sometimes, but its a part of me.

So this is some of the things I can't live without, theres more of them, but this was all for now. I hope this was fun to read. Bye!(: