It's a pain to stare at your wardrobe for hours, not knowing what to wear. Have you ever walked by a person in a mall and wonder how they look so well-dressed, confident and fabulous?

Well now you can look just as great, if not greater, than them! It's not about transforming yourself into something you're not, it's about finding your style, what you like and what you will look GLAM BAM SHABAM lit in.

I would love to help you with that, which is why I have put together a little something to let you in on some tips & tricks, trends and amazing styles!


Get in touch with the latest trends. Without knowing some of the best looks out there, how can you have something to choose from that will make you looks F A B U L O U S?
Here are some popular up-to-date trends you will absolutely fall in love with!

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@WeHeartIt Fishnets & Distressed Jeans @WeHeartIt Fishnets & Distressed Jeans @WeHeartIt Fishnets & Shorts @WeHeartIt Fishnets & Skirt

Fishnets and Denim are a huge trend at the moment! What I personally love about this look is that it is suitable for any season as it is a Autumn/Winter as well as a Spring/Summer trend. Not to mention it looks AM-AZ-ING and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Fishnet stockings usually come in 2 colours- black or white, although black ones are slightly more popular and in-trend. You can wear them with anything- jeans, distressed jeans, shorts or a skirt, no matter what you will automatically look smoking hot!!

#Alittlesecret: wearing black fishnets usually gives off the impression that your legs are slimmer while white fishnets gives your legs a thicker look, either way both look stunning (especially on Denim).

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@WeHeartIt Piled On Chokers @WeHeartIt Metal-like Metallic Choker @WeHeartIt Plain Black Choker @WeHeartIt Rhinestone Choker

Chokers are definitely trending this year! They are the perfect thing to accessorize any plain, simple outfit that needs a little glam- chokers honestly add the finishing touch to any look transforming it from a 1-10 as quick as that. One of my fav things about Chokers are that they come in so many styles to suit your taste: if you're a simple gal they have plain one shade chokers, if you're a glam-up chick they have rhinestone, crystal and gem chokers, if you're someone in between they have chokers for you too! All of them are stunning and will definitely make your jaw drop in amazement.

#Alittlesecret- wearing a rhinestone, silver or gold etc eye-catching choker with a plain or simple outfit will look bomb asf. Also, if you are wearing clothing that shows too much cleavage or is too revealing for your taste, go ahead and pile on different short and long chokers, this way you'll look fantastic and feel comfortable.

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@WeHeartIt Rose Embroidered Denim Jacket @WeHeartIt Embroidered Denim Shorts @WeHeartIt Embroidered Bralette Top @WeHeartIt Embroidered Shoes

All Things Embroidery! Embroidered clothes, denim, shoes or accessories are a simple yet fun and excellent way to add that something extra to your look. This look is trending fast and I personally love it as I think it is so cute, pretty and just damn cool.

#Alittlesecret- All embroidered clothing are amazing and stylish, but Embroidery On DENIM looks even more fab and not to mention very popular nowadays.

I can't possibly include every single trend on this page but here are some others: Ripped/distressed denim off-the-shoulder tops, floral jumpsuits, rompers and dresses, denim on denim and many more. If you would like to learn more about trends, just search some up or go flick through your Instagram feed etc its super easy!


Celebrity Looks & Outfits hunnay! This is personally one of my fav ways to gain inspiration for my outfits & looks, style and clothing. Celebrities have to look fabulous for the camera plus they have their own professional stylist, so their outfit of choice is 99% probably going to be A M A Z I N G and look lit as hell.

It is so easy and simple to find something you'll love, all you need to do is flick through magazines or scroll through Instagram- 80% of celebrities post pictures of themselves in outfits on their Instagram and other social media. But don't get me wrong, it's definitely not only celebrities that have amazing senses of fashion- fashion vloggers/bloggers, youtubers plus beauty & fashion gurus also have awesome, to-die-for style and they keep up with the latest trends!

A youtuber/beauty & fashion guru I watch is Kelsey Simone. She is plain amazing and her outfits are all different from each other. If you want to check her out, below are some links to her YouTube channel, Blog and Instagram.

#Alittlesecret- Make sure to check out her Instagram! 9.5/10 of the pictures she posts are of her wearing cool, cute, and trendy clothes/outfits.

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@WeHeartIt Kelsey Simone Denim On Denim @WeHeartIt Kelsey Simone Black On Black @WeHeartIt Kelsey Simone Grey Sweatshirt & Sweatpants @WeHeartIt Kelsey Simone Oversized Adidas Jumper @WeHeartIt Kelsey Simone Crop Top & Shorts @WeHeartIt Kelsey Simone Oversized Striped Button-Up Shirt


Mix & Match! As easy as it sounds, it honestly works. If you're a grunge kinda gal, a girly girl, tomboy etc all together and you're confused on which one to be "your go-to style", mix & match them. As simple as it is, many people don't think about this. Take an aspect that you absolutely adore & love from each style and customise it all into a new, completely different look/outfit- your own look, a look of your choice that is perfect for you. Slay life girl!

Or don't pick a certain style at all! Be different and stick to each of them, if you love them and they all suit you then why not be all of them. People like to make you think that you have to belong to a certain category/type, but don't be afraid to break the rules and go with YOUR own flow! Dare to be different darling, it's a key part of finding your style.

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@WeHeartIt Mix & Match Look 1 @WeHeartIt Mix & Match Look 2 @WeHeartIt Mix & Match Look 3 @WeHeartIt Mix & Match Look 4

That's all for today my lovelies, I will upload an article every week on Saturday or Sunday.

Please message me if you have any idea's or topics that you want me to write about next.

Much Love XOXOXO