Have you ever thought to look up at the blue linen that engulfs the clouds? Have you ever looked up to the milky clouds that are children waking up for the day ahead with only innocence to fill them? It's okay if you haven't, I didn't until the other day... I was at school with a friend sitting on these steps outside, and I looked up to the sky as for once my phone had not been turned on. And you know what I saw? I saw hope, I saw the clouds move like ballerinas dancing in the sky, they were so delicate, so elegant and I forget that the clouds even moved as I was so enveloped on my phone. Not on any form of 'standard' social media expect this of course.. But just on YouTube I guess, it was that second I realised that I hadn't been outside enough or long enough to realise what the sky that we live beneath is like... All we are concerned about is the world which is absolutely terrible and I an infuriated by all the terrible occurrences, natural and otherwise and my heart goes out to those in danger and what has become of it. Sometimes we need a distraction instead of refreshing our Instagram every five seconds if that's what you do.
So I give you a challenge, put your phone on aeroplane mode, turn it off completely and walk outside and look up at the sky. What do you notice?