My Netflix recommendations

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It's finally fall time and that means: the nights get darker and perfect for enjoying with a good movie or series from Netflix! And now I would like to share some of my favourite finds with you guys. So make a cup of green tea or coffee and enjoy! x

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If you like thrills:


I couldn't find any pictures of this series from WHI but I tell you now: It is a thrilling show with a scary threat. There's a town called Pretty lake, in which there spreads a virus that kills all the adults. It is interesting and if you like mysteries, it's definitely for you! Ps. Perfect for binge watching !!

For mystery lovers:

Real Detective

Real Detective has a different story in every episode and you know what: THEY ARE ALL REAL and told by the investigators who solved them. Intimidating and thrilling; all of the stories are extremely terrible.

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If you're into historic dramas:


Reign has been my absolute favourite series for many years now. I love the historical aesthetics and the life in the castle - but also the story. At the same time this series offers a lot to the viewer: tears, admiration, thrills and laugh. It's a mixture of classic teen dramas like Gossip Girl and Pll but a few hundred years back in time.

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Call the midwife

This is a classic made with love and quality by BBC. I just love the historical scent in it and also the characters. It's especially a story of the women.

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Haunting Horror movies for Halloween


Sinister is so far from a classic, boring horror movie that you should definitely check it out with a friend or two! It's scary in a good way and you will want to see it again too. Now get your popcorns and get ready for the horror!!

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American Horror Story

Honestly I think that this series is so f***** up!! But for a scary halloween night: it just what you need. All you need is one or two episodes of this freak show and you won't be able to sleep again! Choose from the many seasons of Ahs what you'd like to see.. something retro or more modern?

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I think I'll end my list to this. I'll be back soon with a new article, maybe some new recommendations or just something completely different. Tell me what you think! Bye,
xoxo Anni