When it comes to fall, many people lose their mood, become depressed or irritated with colder weather and rain. Without lying - I was one of these people. I did not like the weather that autumn offered; hated the fact that you always have to have umbrella wherever you go; even the fact that my birthday is in november did not help. BUT! Autumn must have clicked some button on me, that it all suddenly changed.

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I found my love for autumn a few years ago, when I left for studies in the other city of my country. I was missing home, my bedrom, my pet, my parents, and my town. Coming back on weekends was something that I was waiting for every day. That feeling when you get in your room... everything there is yours. Colours, details, bed, and even the mood. One word to fit everything - COZY. You know what it feels like to lay in bed, with fuzzy blanket, cup of tea, soft music and sound of raindrops popping to the window? Yup, that was the moment.

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August became the month, when I start thinking about fall and all the coziness it brings with itself. Thanks to it, I found my love for Frank Sinatra. His music follows me from fall to winter. It is the background for my fall. September to me is for collecting colorful leaves, jumping into piles of them, taking long walks in the nature. October has to be for watching halloween movies, buying warmer sweaters and cuddling under the blanket and lighting candles everywhere. Finally, the november is for getting ready for Christmas.

So autumn is inside my heart, with its rain, colder weather, leaves, and of course - making your room cozier.

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