nine, twenty two, seventeen.
originally written; another time during july.

:a snippet of night time:

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soon they were welcomed by their motion sensor light on their porch, allowing them to see the tiny moths circling around it. she stood behind him, watching as he pulled out a key from his coat pocket and turned it in the door. he pushed it open with his foot, pulling the key out of the lock after walking inside and taking off his boots.

she followed him inside their dark house, nothing but the dim oven light that he had turned on before taking her outside was on. she pulled the door closed before twisting the locks. she turned around to see him walking up the stairs, his coat on the coat rack, his old boots against the wall and the keys on the kitchen table.

she pulled off her boots the same way he did, then hung up her coat along with her yellow hoodie. she took off her gloves and stretched the cold fingers underneath. she walked into the kitchen, following the way to the oven and clicking a button to turn off the light. the green digital clock glowed through the darkness, telling her it was 12:34. she rubbed her hands together, then followed his route up the carpeted stairs, making sure to check the door again, then finally making her way to her room.

she made sure to push the door open quietly, positive that her roommates would be deep asleep by now. after closing the door again, with only her adjusting eyesight to see through the darkness, she saw her roommates in sleeping bags next to each other on the floor. she stepped over both of them, making her way to the empty, unmade bed and cocooning into the sheets. she wasn't really tired, but she drifted off into sleep without thinking about it, and slept through the rest of the night.

the next morning, she woke up to an empty room. the empty sleeping bags were spread across the floor, and the blinds were open slightly that let in a soft white light, the sky filled with bright puffy clouds. she laid in bed, no longer sleepy, and looked around the room before pushing herself out of the bed.

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the thermal shirt she was wearing had become uncomfortably warm. she moved to the other side of the room, and grabbed another long sleeved shirt that would be thinner than the one she was wearing now. she changed in front of the dresser, pulling off the thermal shirt and replacing it among the other tops in her shelf. after changing into something more comfortable, she walked into the hard wood hallway, then down the steps and headed into the kitchen, which was much more awake than it was the night before.

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