It’s been a little more than 4 years now that I’m a heartist ; and my way of using the platform has changed. It’s not necessarily the content, but it’s something I believe is a little more serious… giving credit to the website or the creator of the content I post.

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PS: By bringing up that subject, I am not claiming to hold the opinion of every user, neither pushing you to hold my beliefs.Plus I am not pointing finger at anyone in the We Heart It community. But I thought that it would be a good thing to put out there. It’s a subject that tickled me for a long time.

You know as an artist, if I were to post my work on this crazy jungle that is the internet on a blog or something in order to boost my visibility, get closer to my dreams and people re-uploaded my stuff without even indicating where they found the work in question or anything like that , that would hurt me honestly. Some even attribute the work to their own selves. Thankfully We Heart It has the cleanest, kindest environment I have ever seen in a social media network (yay!). However, can it be better?!…yes. And I am highly convinced that it’s all Team We Heart It wants and is working extremely hard to enhance our beloved website. I am grateful for that and not undermining anything.

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Yes, an artist, a photograph, a writer, a cook, or simply everyone that decides to put their work on the web and is serious about it needs to understand that there are some risks in doing so and that it is important to protect your projects as much as you can (by signing your work, asking for respect of copyrights, etc). Even if there is this saying concerning the internet that tells that once you post a picture online, it’s not anymore yours in a way; still, I think it ain’t a reason to not think about it.

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_But at the same time, it’s not something that is discussed that often so it’s very understandable that it doesn’t cross the minds of people a major part of the time. And it happens that you find some stuffs where you have a hard time finding who’s its author (when it happens I post the content and underlines that I had trouble finding the creator).

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It’s only as I got in college, that I got sensitive about copyright as originality is a value highly considered the more you get further in your studies and life aspirations; and also by having illustrator friends creating online platform for themselves, I told myself ‘’Hey I want them to be truly recognized for their talent.’’_

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What do you think? We can discuss about it anytime :)