Hi, guys. My name is Diana but you can call me Di or Didi. Today, ill start with the 30-day writing challenge so we get to know better, and then I'll start posting different things.

The first day of writing we have:

20 random facts about yourself

  • 1. I speak Spanish, English and I'm learning French
  • 2. I´m 18 years old
  • 3. My favorite color is white
lion, white, and animal image
  • 4. My favorite food is any junky thing I can find
  • 5. I'm about 5'4 feet
  • 6. I love to read
  • 7. I love watching movies
  • 8. I have a birthmark on my forehead
  • 9. I want to study graphic design but I'm still not really sure which I think is sad but I'm really indecisive
  • 10. I have a sister
  • 11. My favorite thing to do is swim
  • 12. I'm a big fan of NFL, seriously
  • 13. I want to live, study and travel abroad
city, light, and shoes image
  • 14. I've got curly hair
  • 15. I'm really messy
  • 16. I love to sing, I can sing all day if you ask me, and if you don't, I'll probably do it anyway
  • 17. I cry a lot, but not all day just with songs, movies, and books. I'm really sensitive, my mom always laughs at me when I cry over a movie.
  • 18. I hate that people touch my hair
  • 19. I love meeting new people online, face to face I'm not really good.
  • 20. I breathe coffee.

Wow, 20 things, I never thought it would be so hard to write haha.
So, I hope you liked it, and ill keep writing kinda personal stuff for the next 30 days, but if you have any suggestions, cause sometimes I run out of ideas, just send me a postcard.
P.s. I wanted to say that as you might have noticed English is definitely not my first language so I'm not really good at grammar, if you find some mistake please be comprehensive, I'll get better with time, promise.

Bisou, Bisou 💋