Another challenge... Hope you enjoy it!

1. Your favorite character:
Jack Skellington (The Nightmare before christmas)

gif, Halloween, and jack image

2. Your favorite princess:
Belle (The beauty and the beast)

disney, belle, and book image

3. Your favorite heroin:

disney, gif, and hug image

4. Your favorite prince:
Eric (The little mermaid)

prince, blue, and boy image

5. Your favorite hero:
Flynn Rider (Tangled)

tangled, disney, and rapunzel image

6. Your favorite animal:
Timon (The lion king)

Image by Antonia

7. Your favorite sidekick:
Mushu (Mulan)

disney, mulan, and dragon image

8. Your favorite villain:
Scar (The lion king)

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9. Your favorite original character:

gif image

10. Your favorite song:
Alice (Underground) (Alice in wonderland)

Avril Lavigne, Avril, and alice image

11. Your favorite love song:
I see the light (Tangled)

tangled, disney, and rapunzel image

12. Your favorite villain song:
Gaston (The beauty and the beast)

belle, disney, and gaston image

13. Your least favorite song:
Let it go (Frozen)

frozen, disney, and ice image

14. Your favorite kiss
Bell and the beast

disney, beauty and the beast, and kiss image

15. The first movie you saw
The beauty and the beast

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16. Your favorite classic:
The nightmare before christmas

jack skellington, nightmare before christmas, and sally image

17. Your least favorite classic
The snow white

disney, snow white, and kiss image

18. Your favorite pixar film:

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19. Your least favorite pixar film:
A bug's life

animation, disney, and movies image

20. Your favorite sequel:
Toy story 2

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21. An overraded movie:

disney hipsters image

22. An unrrated movie:
The hunchback of Notre Dame

el jorobado de notredam image

23. A movie that makes you laugh:

aladdin, disney, and genie image

24. A movie that makes you cry:

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25. Your favorite scene from your favorite movie:
When Lumiere sings for Belle

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26. Saddest death:
Mufasa (The lion king)

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27. Your favorite quote:
"You've lost your muchness" (Alice in Wonderland)

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28. Your favorite theme park:
Magic Kingdom

disney, disneyland, and fireworks image

29. Your favorite theme attraction:
Space Mountain

blue, light, and space mountain image

30. Your favorite park show:
Disney festival of fantasy parade

beautiful, disney world, and dragon image