I'm a very nice person, but just like everybody else I have my things, here I am going to explain some stuff about me in 5 facts people need to know before meeting me.

1- I don't like new people, like for real, I have problems making friends because of that, people think it's because I'm weird, (I am) but it's not because of that. A long time ago kids at my school used tu bully me, I was super tiny and my voice was like Alvin's from Alvin & the chipmunks, I was also a cry baby. not a great combination.. my social life started when I was at eight grade, I made my first best friend, I started being social and making friends, but I was always scared that maybe they just wanted to make fun of me. I started to be more confident at tenth grade, thanks to my best friend and my ex-boyfriend, they really made me feel good with myself.

2- I don't like the politic or religion talk, I'm not really sure how I feel about religion, I mean, If I believe, I don't know what am I believing for and If I don't, I feel bad with myself, don't take me wrong, I know there is a God, but what does he want us to do?, why isn't he helping those good people that are in pain? why does he keep sending all those natural disasters? maybe he's punishing us, maybe he's not, who knows.. and about politic, my two grandmas are policies from diferent groups, I have nothing more to say about it.

3- I hate talking about my family.

4- When I say I hate you or I love you or I like you it's beacuse I really do, I never lie about my feelings, unless you haven't done anything bad to me and I hate you anyways, that's another history.

5- I have the bad habit to forgive people even though they don't deserve it, but I also have a limit, people always regret passing my limit. All I ask is not to play with my trust, feelings or food.

And that´s pretty much it. thank you for caring enough to read thru the end. ♥