Once upon a time there was a beautiful little building, outside of time and space. And it was called the healing place.

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And in this book there was a huge room full of all the books ever to exist, and a few extra. A person would be free to wander and select as many books as they wanted. Or wish for a book they were in need of, and have it appear before them.

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There were rooms for artists of all sorts. Writing rooms, painting rooms, even movie and photography rooms!

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A person would be free to wander the rooms, no grades, no schedule, no judging, just them and their thoughts. If a person wished they could slip into a discussion room for a good, philosophical discussion. The healing place was full of open minded artist types. They would never judge or misunderstand. And they would only start a conversation when you wanted one.

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You would have a cozy little dorm to sleep in of course. Perfectly suited to your personality.

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And legend says the bathrooms were divine! (Each resident has access to their own private bath of course.)

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There was a lot to do outside as well. From a sprawling garden, to a gorgeous forest, to breathtaking beaches and mountains. The healing property seemed to stretch on forever.

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When food or drink was needed it would teleport to you. Whatever you wished at that moment.

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Clothes were cute and comfortable they never ran out, stained or frayed.

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Legend says when you are in pain you teleport here. Free to stay as long as you wish. Some stay forever! Some heal and eventually resume their old lives, or go off in search of new and improved ones.

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And the healing place will always exist in our hearts and minds. A place where everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

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