Baby i close my eyes went i listen the music
I love to feel it and remember you
Do something amazing with it
to capture it in my mind again
don’t be shy and be cool
that night where we had fun and laugh so hard
I can explain baby
You’re the one for me
Dance with me and with the crazy lights that cross with our eyes
Maybe you hurted me but I don’t wanna remember that
I just wanna have fun
And went the lights make me look like blind, they made me stumble and fall on your lips,
And your love, your eyes and stupid games
Maybe you hurted me but that’s ok, I don’t wanna recognize
You stared shy and awkward
The alcohol and electricity make you crazy and high
Don’t be afraid of me
Don’t you remember?
Come on dance with me and scape of the reality
Scape of the lies
Scape of the past and live the moment with me now

Please do not copy my writings. All the love ♥

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