I know that many times we want to have the best notes to have all the free time, to be able to go out with friends, to go around or just stay home and see a good series or movie...

That's why I'm going to take away all those anxieties and take the best grades of the degree so you have all the time in the world and you can reach your goals.

I hope and you serve a lot so less talk and start with the article!

Hack no. 1

Prepare your classes.

Read the texts before the class (if you still continue with the topic) this is so that when you start the class you remember what you saw in the previous class, so you can understand the subject more easily.

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Explain complicated ideas with your words, Write down your doubts, Use highlighters, If necessary create a study guide.

Hack no. 2

In classes

Take notes of everything that is said especially if it is examples, theories, possible questions, topics that the teacher empathizes.

Pay attention and ask questions. DO NOT ENTERTAIN DOUBTS.

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If you've already done your study guide, just write comments about it.

Hack no. 3

After classes.

Apply a study technique and study at least one hour of the study guide within 24 hours of the class.

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Remember to create your guide with notes and the subject of the text or complement the one you already did with the comments you wrote in class. You must also explain in your own words or transform the content into diagrams, tables, etc.

Hack no. 4


The weekend dedicates only 30 minutes to review the matter seen in the week.
So the information will be easier to remember at the time of the exam and much easier to study. You will see that at the end of the day all that information will stay there if you make so much effort.

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Hack no. 5

Create diagrams, exercises or discuss the subject with friends.

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Hack no. 6

Record classes and listen to them on the way home.

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Hack no. 7

Leave blank pages.

Put aside your notes and take a blank page, in it write absolutely everything you remember about x theme. In addition to studying, review and do exercises on the subject.

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Hack no. 8

Create a routine and get an agenda.

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Hack no. 9

Stay hydrated.

The most important of all.

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I hope you serve and succeed!