There are two places in this world where I would be happy living in; Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

Los Angeles

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I’ve seen many apartments in L.A. and they are awesome and not all of them are expensive.
Of course you have to work hard to pay them but good things cost.

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  • It's way more livable than New York.
  • Very good, consistent weather.
  • It's a world-class city that is a major gateway to Asia, Australia, South America and many other global centers of economy and culture.
  • Endless diversity of culture, foods, unique neighborhoods and people.
  • It's easy to eat healthy. Affordable fresh produce is abundant in stores.
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  • Public transportation is actually very good for those who know how to use it. The subway is clean, runs on time, is not crowded, and goes to many interesting places.
  • You have very attractive cities within an easy day or weekend trip away (SF, Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego).

Buenos Aires

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I’ve always been in love with this city, actually the whole country.

Every time I think of this city I just die and want to cry because I don’t live there.

  • Buenos Aires is HUGE.
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  • Safe neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires.
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  • Public transportation in Buenos Aires is extremely cheap.
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  • There are jobs available for those qualified and looking for work.
  • Private hospitals and insurance companies in Buenos Aires are of a very high quality and readily available.
  • There are incredible restaurants and bars that offer to-die-for food and drinks and clubs, or boliches, are open late and anyone can dance the night away.


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