Well, my name is Andrea. I´m 16 years old and I´m going to tell you what I think about the school.

First of all, the thing you need to know is that I love to study. Actually I´m in the first semester of high school in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (in spanish UNAM). For enter to this institution in a high school level you need to present an exam called "asignation exam" and it consist in a 128 questions. The exam was in June and I started to study in October 2016. I entered.
I studied a lot to be where I am and I´m proud of that.

If you don´t like to study, please think it two times, how many people wants to be where you are? you are very fortunate to have a school, the teachers you have and the oportunity to meet new people like your classmates.
If you have a difficult day, week, month or semester please don´t give up because that is temporal, the satisfaction of an achivement is for all your life; to get an A in an exam that you thought you were going to fail, to help people in your school and a lot of things you can be part of.
So if you´re thinking to leave the school, think it two times. Find a study method to make your study time easier.
Later I´m going to talk about how I get organised and I will give you tips.

I hope this article were an inspiration for you.
Read you later. Bye.