An alternative title for this television series could be:

Is It Really That Great to Be King?

This is a tale about a king who didn't think it was too great to be king. King Sukjong had a dream. His dream is the reason why I chose a chess piece as my cover photo. :) He wanted to know what it was like to be an ordinary man, even if only for one day.

Can't blame him. People say the slaves and commoners have a hard life. But it's kind of rough being a king too! The hardest part is finding someone you can truly trust and give your heart to completely. You might get deeply involved with someone who you are certain you will love until the end of time. Then one day you wake up and discover that what you mistook for genuine love was just a good old-fashioned Power Grab!!

Unfortunately, by the time you come to that realization, you've already had a child with that “love of your life” and guess what? That poor innocent child is right smack dab in the middle of a Power Grab!!

Do ordinary men have such problems? You're a king of a country. But you're also a father of an innocent child. You love the child. But the child's mother? Oh my! What an evil heifer! Why didn't you see her black heart?

Yep yep. Sometimes it's a hard knock life being a king.

"Instead of treated, you get tricked. Instead of kisses, you get kicks!"

(Borrowed that quote from the Jay-Z Ghetto Anthem, “It's a Hard Knock Life”, part of the soundtrack for the family movie Annie (2014 Release) which starred a child actress named Quvenzhané Wallis.)

The Korean historical period drama being referenced is “Dong Yi” (2010).

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