Okay, my best friend is such a special person, he is always happy and has a lot of self-confidence. So I wonder, can anyone really be that happy all the time? like...

All the fucking time?

Honestly, I can’t.

Last week I felt really bad about it… "I wish I could be happy, I wish I could be as popular as that girl, I wish I could be as hot as that girl or just a little prettier" in my mind 24/7.

I'm not them, I'm not the hottest girl in college, I'm not the prettiest, or the nicest girl. I feel stressed, I'm lazy, I don't have a perfect body, I don't feel confident without makeup. but it's ok. I can be happy with all I got. I just have to believe that. I know there are a lot of people with a lot more problems in their lives than I do. And I know everytime I see people smiling in school, maybe are fake smiles, maybe they're just as sad as I am at that moment. YOU CANNOT BE OKAY ALL THE TIME, I mean ... how can we know what happiness is if we do not know sadness.

“Life is roller coaster" Now I understand what it means. We will have ups and downs. and it's OK. It's totally normal ...

So do not feel bad for feeling bad, just focus on the happy part of your life, and wait. Maybe it's a lame advice, and if you feel as bad as I am right now, you just have to make a post on "We Heart It" and let all your thoughts go. I'm reading.

P.S. I really admire my best friend so much, I'm just figure it out what's up with him. lol.