Hello everyone, today I present my new diet.

This diet is not as rigorous as that of the famous ones with Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashiam, but she is very good. Even because you will not be fainting because of lack of carbohydrates and energy. But of course this diet will not make you lose 5kg in a week (laughs).

Anyway, I made a list of what I can eat in this new diet, but always different in what has on the list, will depend a lot on the day. for example; if on Tuesday I'm going to do some kind of physical exercise I'm going to prefer to take a detox juice to cleanse my body, but it still gives me enough energy to endure the exercise from beginning to end, you understand?

So let's go the list !!


Two slice of whole bread.
A glass (250 ml) of banana vitamin.
A beaker (250 ml) of detox juice.
A loaf of milk
Light yogurt.

A spoonful of brown rice.
A bean ladle.
Meat, fish or chicken.
Salad to accompany.


A glass of orange juice or lemon.
A cup of hibiscus tea.
wholemeal biscuit.


Two tablespoons of rice.
Meat, fish, chicken or eggs.
A cup of coffee.

Remarks: You can adapt the menu according to what you like and that is healthy, you can also vary the meals to avoid repetition.

That's it guys, I hope you enjoyed it. if you want me to continue with this saga fitness is just click the liked.

Kisses and until next time.