This might be a little boring for you because there’s nothing really interesting about my siblings, just the fact that I have 6.

My parents aren’t married, I live with my mom and from her side I’m an only child but from my dad’s side I have 6 siblings.

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I’m listing everyone in order of birth (?, from the oldest to the youngest.

The first son
Bryan is my first brother and I always forget how old he is but I’m sure he is 23 right now.

The first daughter
Me!! I’m my dad’s second child and the first girl.

The second daughter
Pierina is my first sister and she is a year younger than me

The second son
Mateo is my second brother and he is 3 years younger than me.

The third son
Sebastian is the last one from the boys and my third brother, he is 9.

The third daughter
Luciana is the last one, she is my second sister.
She is a beautiful one and a half year old baby.


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