I have so many wonderful and creative ideas for my first tattoo when I turn 18 so I decided I want to write an article on the different tattoos I want to take inspiration from so in the future I can look back and see my first initial thoughts. Take this as my creative outlet for ideas of tattoos. I hope you like some of them and maybe save them to have them when you are old enough or want to get one. Enjoy!

1. Roses

tattoo, rose, and flowers image tattoo, rose, and vans image tattoo, rose, and flowers image beautiful, fashion week, and fashionista image

I love the different kinds of rose tattoos in the variations of places people have them on. The back of the ankle and I think the back of the neck would be the best places to have the tattoos as I think it is a symbol for a growing.

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."
- Alexander Den Heijer.

Flower tattoos mean so much to me because of this quote, there is just so much it could mean and many different possibilities.

2. Planes

freedom, ink, and plane image Image by Harry's wife

Paper planes or even plane I think show a sign of someone on a journey or maybe a past that changed them in some way, or maybe they just like travelling.

3. Planets & Stars

tattoo, planet, and grunge image tattoo, planet, and art image tattoo, planet, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

These designs range from bigger more complicated tattoos to small intricate yet simple ones. I was always fascinated as a kid by the different stars and planets and even though I grown out of the fascination they still have a place in my heart.

4. Waters

tattoo, waves, and black image tattoo, sun, and waves image
tattoo, waves, and nails image arm, inked, and nice image

I am a Scorpio and a big believer in the mystery of the zodiac signs, so water being my favourite element and also my signs element. I used to be a very competitive swimmer and almost every holiday at a place with a beach or pool. Surfing and kayaking is also something i enjoy a lot even though I only get to do them rarely and I am definitely not the best at them.

5. The World

tattoo, world, and travel image tattoo and world image

This is a tattoo I want to get as it looks so cute and simple there is no real meaning I can think of to why I want it specifically. Just that I love the idea of it.

6. Plants

cactus image tattoo, cactus, and arm image

This is similar to the roses that i first mentioned with the quote as I really like the thought of having a piece of artwork on my body representing nature and its beauty or power to grow and change. Also it is a plant I can look after without it dying after a week, haha.

7. Hearts

tattoo, heart, and flowers image Image by Laura tattoo, heart, and jeans image hand, heart, and henna image
The last photo is my own, it is a henna a got and it was lovely!

Little heart could mean anything, a lover, a meaning of family or even friendship. It may be a basic tattoo but every person has a reason for there tattoos and everyone could interpret it in a different way.

8. Camera

tattoo and camera image art, body, and bodyart image

As you may have guessed from this page, photos are my everything and i take them on the daily, it's rare that I go out without either my normal camera, polariod or even my iPhone 7 to take photos. Everywhere I go expect to see me take at least 1 photo. It is something I will always hold close no matter what it is my favourite passion that I hope to turn into a career so this tattoo is a must!

9. Randoms

tattoo, grunge, and pale image Image by >Emi.Kawaiii<

There is no real meaning to these two and I never thought about getting colour tattoos but looking at these two makes me want one so bad they just make a difference with a burst of colour on them.

10. Meanings

tattoo, panic, and don't panic image tattoo, art, and grunge image

I saved these to last as they both have a real meaning to me especially the first one and I wanted to explain a little bit more. I am a person who worries and stresses a lot and I actually got diagnosed a few years back with panic attacks and anxiety. It is not something I tend to mention to people and now best friend when I first met him was when I was having a bad panic attack and all he said so happily was "don't panic". It is the world most stupidest thing to say too someone having a panic attack and at the time I wanted to throw something at him for saying but over the time repeating them words over in my head in his cheery happy way has actually helped me with them at some points. Even though I will never admit it to him and I still roll my eyes when he says it, without that phrase I probably would have ended up panicking even more.

The other is a reminder to myself that I am a piece of art myself and that I should not be treated as anything less than human. I think this is a good idea to stand by as it makes me think more of how to treat others and maybe other situations people are going through and not to judge a person before I know them well enough.

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Anyway, I hope you liked this little article on tattoo desires and maybe save some for yourself or get inspiration from them. Feel free to send me a postcard as I would love to hear you thoughts. If you want DM me on my Tumblr of Instagram both @losingsleeps I am always active on them two platforms. Goodbye, until next time!

Hugs. Ren. x