Hi buds,

I've decided to put together all the thoughts I've had in and around midnight just to keep them all in the same sort of place. Keep in mind this probably will be updated a lot and it will be more of a mess than anything else that I put on here but that's fine by me. Enjoy.

Sunday 17th September — 00:17

Is there a way to open up? or is it down to insecurities.

The fact that people have been hurt before and are now afraid that if they happen to open up again. They’ll only get hurt.

When I say they, do I mean other people? or do I mean myself? Will I ever stop pretending that I’m okay? People at work tell me I’m confident, bubbly and outgoing? Am I really what they say I am or have I just become so good at acting okay around other people that they don’t really seem to question it and pin it down to my personality.

Honestly, I'm okay with that because it isn't really a bad thing to be seen as. I guess it's just tiring to go around acting like everything is fine when in reality, I'm not and I'm tired of pretending to be something just so I can be liked and approachable.