Why do I love music ?
It makes me dream.
It makes me think deep.
It makes me happy, sad, depressed
I can cry to music.
I can laugh to music.
I can dance to music.
I can smile to music.
I can scream to music.
I can feel the music.
And I cant imagine living without it.
So I got a bunch of songs that Ive been listening lately. Hope you get inspired ♥
Just lay in your bed in the darkness with that music. And it just feels like the music knows you so well.

And thats only the small, september part of my music collection :

SYML - Where's My Love

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Nuages - Closer

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Nuages - Dreams

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Bonjr - Someday We'll Be Together Again

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Bonjr - It's Ok, You're Ok

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Daughter - Medicine

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Amber Run - 5AM

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Kodaline - All I Want

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The Lumineers - Patience, Everyone Requires a Plan, White Lie

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Tom Odell - Wrong Crowd, Constellations, Long Way Down, Heal, Sense

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Lord Huron - The Night We Met

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Petit Biscuit - Night Trouble, You

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Nothing But Thieves - If I Get High, Lover Please Stay

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