Rules to glo up

1.Set your OWN goals babygirl
2.skincare,skincare,skincare! know what that means? Drink tons of water! itll make you feel better and you know those zits on your face that you cover up with make up - GONE!
4.keep your brain fresh and read something educational for at least 10 minutes a day (even if that means reading reviews about new hair products -it works) because being educated is attractive, and it'll probably make you happier believe it or not!
5. Do things that make you feel more productive and put together (seriously even if its just doing your nails,you gotta start somewhere)
6.Find your own style. Because if you know what you want and you're surrounding yourself with things YOU like you've already gloed up for you and it doesn't even matter any more what others think about it cause YOU like it.
7.Look how you wanna look like gurl, get it! lose that weight, or gurl, get I!t own those beautiful curves, or gurl, get up to your goal weight and get healthy!
8.coconut oil on your hair, coconut face masks, coconut lotion, coconut exfoliating scrub. Coconut EVERYTHING! (its soooo good for your everything!)
9.if you wear makeup, make sure everything's clean- you know germs- and figure out what you like, and master it! youtube helps alottle! If you don't make sure you still take care of your face so it can look beautiful like you!

btw honey bunches, if any of y'all need me for ANYTHING just message me!