We all have models and inspirations to help us finding ourselves : celebrities, instagramers, cartoon heroes, actors, singers, friends, ...
Some of mine are Disney princesses.
Some may think they are just delicate rich girls but here's why they are strong ladies !

Snow White

Though she has been hunt down by the Evil Queen, she never became a bad person. She is kind to animals and her friends, appreciates their help and thanks them in return.

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Even if she is living a miserable life, she never loses hope and makes everything to make her dreams happen. Also she loves sleeping and so proves it's not a flaw... hum what?

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Even if she didn't know where she came from or who she really was, she knew who she was meant for. She is friend with animals, sings with them and believes in her dreams.

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She may seem delicate at first but she's not afraid of roaming through the Horned King's castle and defends girls honor when Taran says girls don't know anything about swords.

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She's brave and very curious. And she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and to make her dreams come true!

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She's intelligent and helps her father with his inventions. She's brave and is not afraid to take his father's place in the Beast's dungeon. She loves reading and prefers adventure to a peaceful life. Do I have to say something more ?

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She's intelligent, stong, is never afraid to speak her mind and knows she's not an object or a prize to be won. She wants to be free and to marry for true love instead of tradition.

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She is courageous, wise and values nature as something more than just land to be walked on or creatures to kill. She sees nature and animals as her family and friends and uses them to guide and inspire her through life.

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She's very courageous, knows how to defend herself, defends the poor and the outcast and fights for justice.

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She isn't easily impressed by men and knows how to get by herself. Also she's so sassy.

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If one of these girls is brave, here she is! She proves to all she can be as good as a man and even save China!

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She is talented, curious, intelligent, she respects nature, knows how to see good behind a person's first impression and love them for who they are.

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She is super intelligent, funny and isn't scared of anything. She doesn't hesitate to sacrifice herself to save her people.

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She knows how to fight to achieve her dreams and doesn't give up through the hard times.

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Instead of letting the unknown world scare her, she is curious and eager to go to new places and meet new people. She never let her incompetence stop her from trying new things and believing in her dreams. Also she is super talented : she draws, paints, plays the guitar, sews clothes, cooks, reads, watches the sky, does crafts, plays chess and knows how to defend herself with a frying pan!

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Rather than doing what she is told, Merida choose to go her own way and to make her life what she wants it to be.

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Even if she has been put away by her sister since childhood, she always remained loyal to her, accepted her for who she was and has done everything she could to help her sister. She also choose to save her before saving herself. She is super brave, clumsy and funny too. Finally she heals quickly from her broken heart and who doesn't want to be like this?

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Though she didn't believe in herself, she prefered isolate to protect her sister and her people. If it's not a act of love and kindness, I don't know what it is. And when she controls her power, she uses it to make good around her and help others.

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She's really brave, passionate, makes everything to protect her people and family and fights for what she believes in without getting down by others.

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She believes she can do what she wants to do and how to achieve her goals, even if she has to do it all by herself. She also learns to listen to the voice inside her to follow what she is meant to be.

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I know all of them are not real princesses but I consider all of them as such. I hope they inspire you like they inspire me.

Radiating Love!